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Consistent Giving


Just like your household, our spiritual center has regular monthly bills to meet. Every month it costs us between $5,500 and $6,300 to offer what we do. Our growing church is entirely dependent upon our congregation and network of friends for everything we offer to you and the community. There is no “mother church” that helps with our costs. With your feedback, the church leadership does everything it can to be a good steward of your gifts.

You know that having an income you can rely on makes paying bills a lot easier than never being sure what money will come in or when. That’s also true for Unity Athens, so the Consistent Giving Program is very important to us. With Consistent Giving you are able to determine and budget a regular amount to donate to the church monthly (or in other designated time periods) which comes out of your bank automatically every month. Of course, you can cancel it at any time, but by having as many people as possible providing on a regular basis, we can budget and plan better. You can arrange for consistent giving donations to be made directly through your bank or through one of the EasyTithe methods indicated below.

No gift is "too small." We appreciate your intention to share your blessings. While we are asking you to consider giving generously, we know that any amount you decide on will indeed, be "generous."

Sometimes those who give most to the church and who attend most of our functions may feel like we are always asking for money. That is neither our mind-set nor our intention. Some people appreciate being reminded; we hope you don't feel you are being reminded too often. We love this spiritual center and we love to see it thrive, just as we love seeing you thrive. Thank you for sharing your abundance, your time, and your positive outlook with Unity Athens.

To facilitate consistent giving, we have created a relationship with an organization called EasyTithe. There are two ways to give consistently through EasyTithe — by donating through the No Registration Required Method or the EasyTitle Portal Method. The links below display PDF documents showing you how to donate via either method. Namaste.

No Registration Required Method EasyTithe Portal Method


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